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In the high desert of San Bernardino County, lies the community of Yucca Valley, California. Ten miles from the Joshua Tree National Park, Yucca Valley was a watering hole between the Banning and Twentynine Palms mining operations in the 1880s. It wasn't until after WWII, until a highway connected Yucca Valley with the greater Southern California that Yucca Valley really became known. And with the highway came tourists and new residents looking to escape the smog of LA for the clear air of the Mojave desert.

The influx of people in the 40s and 50s laid the foundation for what locals now call "Old Town." A bohemian enclave with art galleries, restaurants and the High Desert Nature Museum, Old Town Yucca Valley is why this community is called the "gateway to Joshua Tree National Park." Fittingly, Old Town Yucca Valley has painstakingly incorporated wild Joshua Trees into its urban landscape.

Desert nights are temperate and breathtaking in Yucca Valley, while the days, especially during the summer, are legendarily hot. The best way to survive the summer is to stay indoors and watch Rick Grimes and crew survive an even grislier world on The Walking Dead or snicker at the Griffins on The Family Guy with DISH TV.