The New Hughesnet®,
Available Where You Live

Now you can do it all—connect,
stream, and play.
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps* on select plans

  • Unlimited data**

  • Price lock guarantee

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What Is Hughesnet Internet?

High-speed satellite internet that’s perfect for rural America.

Hughesnet is a satellite internet provider available in rural America even where fiber and cable are not. The new Hughesnet® is powered by JUPITER™ 3, the largest, most advanced commercial communications satellite. Now you can do it all—connect, stream and play—like never before, from wherever you live.

  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps* on select plans

  • Unlimited Standard Data** for everything you love to do

  • Wi-Fi 6 for better connectivity all over the house

Best Reasons to Get Hughesnet Satellite Internet

Satellite internet service made for the ways you actually want to use it.

Unlimited Data

All Hughesnet internet plans come with a set amount of Priority Data** and unlimited Standard Data**.

Faster Speeds

With speeds up to 100 Mbps* on select plans, Hughesnet lets customers work, stream, and game more than ever.

Price Lock Guarantee

The Hughesnet price lock guarantee, unavailable from competing satellite providers, keeps your rates predictable in the best way.

Cost Savings

Professional installation comes FREE with all Hughesnet internet plans§. Add discounted phone, security & tech services.

Happy family using fast internet at home.
Hughesnet availability map of the United States of America.

Are Hughesnet Internet Plans Available Near Me?

If you live in rural America, Hughesnet internet service is almost certainly available in your community. Call 1-877-401-6561 now to ask about specific plans and pricing in your area, or explore additional DISH internet partners below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hughesnet bundle with DISH?

Although DISH TV and Hughesnet bundles are billed separately, you can lock in starting offers from both providers when you order through DISH today.

Place your order at 1-877-401-6561 and lock in your installation dates for DISH and Hughesnet internet today.

How much does it cost to get internet with DISH TV?

DISH and Hughesnet packages are billed separately, so final pricing for both services depends on Hughesnet offers in your area.

To nail down the DISH half of your final price, shop TV packages here. For a firm final quote on DISH and Hughesnet bundles, call 1-877-401-6561.

What is Hughesnet's best package?

The best available Hughesnet package varies by area, but they share the following features:

  • Speeds up to 50 Mbps* or up to 100 Mbps*

  • 200 GB of Priority Data** at top speeds

Call 1-877-401-6561 today for Hughesnet internet plans and pricing at your address.

What are my plan options and which plan should I choose?

Hughesnet offers a suite of satellite and Fusion plans to meet your needs and your budget. All plans offer fast speeds so now you can do it all with varying amounts of data based on your home or small business needs.

If you’re still not sure which plan is right for you, one of our helpful customer service representatives will review your needs and recommend a satellite internet plan that works for you. If your needs change and you want to increase your plan, you can do so over the phone without changing fees or waiting for a technician to visit.

How much does Hughesnet charge a month?

Hughesnet plans and pricing vary by area. Call 1-877-401-6561 today to ask about Hughesnet offers at your address.

*Each Hughesnet service plan is designed to deliver the download/upload speeds assigned to that specific plan, however, speeds and uninterrupted use are not guaranteed and may vary based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to the number of concurrent network users. Your Hughesnet experience will vary based on your proximity to the Wi-Fi source.

**Standard Data may be slower during high-traffic periods.