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Add Internet to Your DISH TV Package for More Perks and More Savings

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Order Internet with DISH for Less Hassle, More Savings

DISH partners with Internet providers so you can order both services at once—and get some of your time back. Plus, when you order Internet and DISH TV you can double down on savings by taking advantage of deals from both providers.

Internet Partners of DISH Network


Stay Connected with Frontier Internet or Frontier FiOS

Frontier Internet Starting at $20.00/mo; Frontier FiOS Starting at $40.00/mo

Depending on where you live, as a DISH customer, you can get Frontier Internet or Frontier FiOS packages. Both can bring you fast speeds at a price you’re comfortable with.

With Frontier High Speed Internet packages, you get fast Internet delivered to your home. Like most high speed Internet, Frontier uses existing TV cables, making installation simpler and faster. Because of this, it can be easier and cheaper to get cable Internet compared to FiOS or fiber-optic Internet. Frontier High Speed Internet packages start at $20.00/month!

Frontier Internet through DISH starts at $20 per month and Frontier FiOS through DISH starts at $30 per month

The best thing about FiOS is the speed. If Frontier FiOS is available where you call home, you can get Internet speeds up to 500 Mbps, delivered to you through a 100% fiber-optic network. Enjoy the convenience of equal upload and download speeds and no data caps. However, FiOS is only available in areas with fiber-optic networks in place.
*Other terms and conditions apply, including Frontier’s Acceptable Use Policy and Network Management Policy and are subject to change without notice. Service availability varies by location.

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Viasat Satellite Internet Gives You Faster Speeds and Unlimited Data Plans

Satellite Internet Speeds up to 100 Mbps in select areas.

Satellite isn't a second-fiddle service anymore. Viasat satellite internet speeds start at up to 12 Mbps and go up to 100 Mbps in select areas, faster than dial-up and typical DSL connections. Many Viasat plans also include unlimited data, so you no longer have to pay overage fees to keep your connection going. Viasat satellite Internet is a great way to get the service and speed you need.
*Viasat terms and conditions apply. See below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
Does DISH Network offer Internet?

DISH still supports dishNET for current customers, and now offers a wide range of exciting new products if you're looking for high-speed Internet where you live.

DISH has partnered with various local providers like Viasat and Frontier Communications, so your new ordering options consist of fiber, DSL, or satellite Internet. Provider and Internet availability is dependent on where you live. Restrictions apply. Internet is not provided by DISH and billed separately.

Can I get Internet in remote areas? And if so, how can I get high speed Internet in rural areas?

Dial-up is still one of the main types of Internet available in rural areas. If you’re unfamiliar with dial-up, it is an Internet connection that uses a modem in conjunction with your phone line. Dial-up ties up your phone line and speeds are often slow.

DSL is another option for Internet in remote areas. Where available, DSL provides more consistent Internet without interfering with your ability to make and receive calls. Upload speeds can be minimal, however, making it hard to share files.

Satellite Internet is almost always your best option if you live in a remote or rural area. With improved satellite technology, speeds and reliability of Satellite Internet have increased, giving customers higher speeds. However, data caps may exist.

Check out our partners’ websites to see what's available in your area.