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  • Satellite internet with unlimited data
  • Broadband and FiOS available in select areas
  • 2-year TV price guarantee
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DishNET internet is no longer in service, but DISH partners with internet providers Frontier and Viasat so you can still order internet and TV together. Frontier offers broadband and fiber-optic internet connections for busy families, while Viasat satellite internet connects homes virtually anywhere in the United States.


DISH TV and internet packages make the perfect pair. Call for available speeds and prices in your area.
Frontier FiOS

Why Order Internet through DISH Network

More Savings

Get whatever new-customer savings your internet provider is offering—and enjoy the same from DISH, like the FREE HD for Life® promotion.

Less Work

You don’t have to spend extra time shopping around. DISH finds internet plans and places the order for you so you only have to make one phone call.

Available Everywhere

Rural homes need internet too. DISH partners with a satellite internet provider so you don’t have to hear one more time that there’s no service in your area.

Save a Bundle with TV and Internet Plans

When you add an internet plan to your DISH TV order, you get more savings with less effort. DISH and its internet partners offer deals for new customers, and you get both just by calling DISH today. Get the speeds you need to stream, chat, study, and work, wherever you live in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQs
Can I just get internet from DISH?

DISH doesn’t run its own internet service, so internet-only plans aren’t available. Check out DISH TV packages for more information on the channels and features you could get with a TV plan.

Does unlimited satellite internet exist?

Yes. Viasat internet plans come with unlimited data so you won’t get charged for using more than the standard amount. That said, you may sometimes experience slower speeds once you exceed that amount. Call 1-877-337-0143 to ask about recommended data use.

How much are DISH internet prices?

Prices vary depending on the internet providers and speeds available in your area. Satellite internet from Viasat starts at $50/mo. and increases as you add more speed to your plan. Those prices are the same nationwide. Broadband internet from Frontier starts at $20/mo., while fiber internet from Frontier starts at $40/mo. Your total price depends on how much speed you want and which plans are available in your area.

Can I get DISH without a contract?

No, DISH TV packages are only available with two-year agreements. During that agreement, you’re guaranteed a stable TV price for the whole two years—something other satellite TV providers don’t offer—plus other perks like an included HD DVR and Voice Remote, free mobile streaming, and free HD service.

If you think you might move in the middle of your term, you can get DISH reinstalled at your new address easily. Call 1-800-333-3474 for help transferring your service.

Can I get internet in my area through DISH?

If you live in the United States, yes! Call 1-877-337-0143 for internet plans available from DISH internet partners.