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DISH Network Packages

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  • Signal Reliability Money-Back Guarantee

Included With Every DISH TV Package

2-Year TV Price Guarantee

Commitment shouldn't be one sided. Switch to DISH and get the same price for 2 years!

Free Installation

Standard installation (in up to six rooms!) and activation come FREE, giving you a break as you transition to DISH.

Free DVR For Life

DVR is becoming standard, and charging extra doesn’t seem right. For the life of your contract, up to 2,000 Hours of recording capability on premium channels.

Free Voice Remote

This user-friendly device has advanced functions that help you search, record, and watch TV effortlessly.

Signal Reliability Guarantee

A reliable signal or your money back.

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JD Power trophies for DISH.
JD Power trophies for DISH.

DISH ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power for the sixth year in a row.

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Find The Right Package For You

With so much to watch, it’s no surprise that DISH offers a variety of TV packages for different viewing habits. Compare DISH network packages, whether you’re really into sports or just want the basics, there’s a DISH plan for you and your family.

America's Top 120
190 channels

for 24 months

  • Free DVR and DISH Voice Remote Included

  • Watch ESPN, Newsmax, CMT, Disney Channel, and E!

  • 28K On-Demand titles

  • Local Channels

  • 190 Channels

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Best Value
America's Top 200
240+ channels

for 24 months

  • Free DVR and DISH Voice Remote Included

  • America's Top 120 and more including NFL Network, NBA TV, Hallmark, Disney Channel, and A&E

  • 25K On-Demand titles

  • Local Channels

  • 240+ channels

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America's Top 250
290+ channels

for 24 months

  • Free DVR and DISH Voice Remote Included

  • America's Top 200 and more including Turner Classic Movies, STARZ Encore channels, Bloomberg, Nicktoons, and Great American Country

  • 26K On-Demand titles

  • Local Channels

  • 290+ channels

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2-year price guarantee requires credit qualification and 2-year commitment and covers core programming, local networks, and equipment. Prices include Hopper Duo for qualifying customers. Hopper, Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 $5/mo. more. Upfront fees may apply based on credit qualification

Requires internet-connected Hopper, Joey, or Wally device. Customer must press Voice Remote button to activate feature.

Watch Netflix on Dish

Channel List for DISH TV Packages

DISH NETWORK programming packages give you variety at your fingertips. Explore your favorite channel guide and watch top TV shows, local news, and sporting events.

ChannelsAmerica's Top 120America's Top 200America's Top 250
ACC Network (ACCN)
ACC Network (ACCN) HD
A&E (A&E)
A&E (A&E) HD
American Movie Classics (AMC)
American Movie Classics (AMC) HD
America's Voice (AMVO)
Animal Planet (APL)
Animal Planet (APL) HD
Baby First (BABY1)
BBC America (BBCA)
BBC America (BBCA) HD
beIN Sport (BEIN)
beIN Sport (BEIN) HD
beIN Sports Connect 3 (BEIN3)
BeIN Sports Connect 4 (BEIN4)
BeIN Sports Connect 5 (BEIN5)

Get more with DISH Network Packages

Pair your TV and Internet

  • Satellite internet with unlimited data

  • Fiber Internet available in select areas

  • 2-year TV price guarantee

  • Order internet in one phone call

Travel with DISH Outdoors

  • Easy Tailgater stand and antenna setup

  • DISH Tailgater bundle packages just $5/mo. more for existing customers, plus equipment costs

  • Pay As You Go monthly costs

  • Quick and easy setup

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels do you get with DISH basic packages?

The DISH America’s Top 120 Package is the basic package and comes with 190 channels. America’s Top 120 Package has plenty of channels for your family to love, including local favorites like ESPN, Food Network, CMT, E!, and Disney Channel. Check out the DISH channel guide for a complete list of available channels on the basic package.

What is the cheapest package for DISH TV?

Starting at just $84.99/mo., DISH America’s Top 120 Package is the most affordable package of the bunch.

What channels do you get with DISH TV packages?

DISH packages start at 190 channels and go to 290, or even higher if you add channel packs or live where you can get additional regional networks. See the full lineup in our DISH channel guide.

  • America’s Top 120 - All-time favorites and locals

  • America’s Top 200 - Everything sports and entertainment

  • America’s Top 250 - Everything sports, entertainment, and movies.

Is Netflix free with DISH packages?

Netflix requires a separate subscription, but the Netflix app is available for free on the DISH Hopper interface. You can even integrate your Netflix into your search results, especially when you use the DISH Voice Remote or speak DISH commands to the Amazon Echo.

Alexa integration requires internet-connected Hopper®, Joey®, Wally, and any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates

Can I add one channel to my DISH package?

Most channels cannot be added one by one, but DISH offers specialized channel packs, such as sports, movie, and international channel packs, to help you better customize your TV plan. Ask your representative about current options when you call.

Can you get DISH TV packages without a contract?

Most DISH packages offer the 3-year price along with a 2-year contract, but there is one budget plan with month-to-month availability. Call for more details.