DISH Joey TV Receiver

Watch 4K TV in any room with a DISH Joey®.

Starting at $5/mo. per TV, you can watch the same 4K programming in any room with the revolutionary DISH Joey. This DISH receiver lets you access your Hopper® DVR in any room without the mess and headaches of wires.

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How Do DISH Network Joeys Work?

DISH® currently offers four Joey receiver models to suit your unique needs. With a 4K Hopper 3® Whole-Home HD DVR hooked up to your main TV, DISH Joey receivers allow you to access your DVR from any room in your house. The Hopper 3 records and manages your entertainment, while your DISH Network Joey receivers connect it all to your other TVs so that you don’t need a DVR in every room. Along with the original Joey, DISH offers the 4K, Super, and the Wireless Joey, each packed with special features like Bluetooth technology.

Dish Joey with 4k symbol

Watch 4K TV in Any Room with a DISH Joey

The ultra-slim 4K Joey will get you the highest quality HD programming on any 4K-compatible TV. Featuring integrated Bluetooth, this DISH HD receiver offers a high-end experience anywhere in your home. What’s more, this receiver costs only $5 a month per TV—that’s the same price as the original Joey, which isn’t 4K ready. Don’t miss out on this incredible DISH deal.

Dimensions: 0.6" x 7.5" x 6.2"

Connect to Your Hopper 3 with the DISH Network Joey

Just like the 4K Joey, the beautiful design of the original Joey gives you control over what you watch without having to put a clunky DVR receiver in every room. With the DISH Joey receiver, you can watch all your live and recorded content on multiple TVs throughout your home. You can even start a show in one room and finish it in another. It uses the same interface as the Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR—predecessor of the newest Hopper 3–and will even help you locate your remote. And at just 1.5 by 6.6 by 5.3 inches, it tucks into almost any TV space in any room–again, beating out your bulky cable box.

  • $5/mo. per TV

  • HD receiver

  • Compact design

Record More in HD with the DISH Super Joey

The Super Joey goes beyond working with your Hopper 3 and enhances it. It has all the great features of an original Joey, but it also has two built-in tuners and a DISH smartcard. These extras allow you to record up to two more shows from a different room in addition to the 16 programs you can record simultaneously with the Hopper 3–setting the Super Joey apart in terms of recording capacity from other DISH boxes. Plus, with the PrimeTime Anytime™ feature, you can record an additional three shows. Dimensions: 1.67" x 11.27" x 8.29"

  • $10/mo. per TV

  • HD receiver

  • PrimeTime Anytime

Break Free from Cable Boxes with the Wireless Joey

Get all the functionality of the original Joey with the added convenience of a wireless setup. The Wireless Joey DISH box is perfect for rooms with wall mounted TVs where you don’t want to see a cord running up the wall. All it requires is a power outlet (no ugly cabling required like with your cable box), so you can even place it in covered outdoor spaces near your home. The Wireless Joey connects through its private Wi-Fi frequency, so it won’t interfere with your home’s existing wireless network and it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection.

  • $5/mo. per TV otherwise

  • Wireless HD receiver

Watch Everywhere with the DISH Anywhere® App

Use your DISH Joey in conjunction with the DISH Anywhere app to get the true experience of TV everywhere. The DISH Anywhere app lets you access your DISH programming, including recorded and On Demand content, from your Android, iPad, or other compatible mobile device, so you can watch TV virtually everywhere.**

  • FREE app for cell phones and tablets

  • Watch live TV

  • Watch DVR recordings

**Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 and compatible mobile device.

DISH Joey 4K Specs

Even though the other DISH Joey models might seem to suit your entertainment needs better, it’s important to remember that the 4K Joey packs in the most advanced features at the best price point. Scan through these short lists to see what else the 4K Joey has to offer then call to speak with a qualified representative about DISH packages featuring the Hopper 3 and 4K Joey. Why sit around waiting for the future of entertainment when you can be watching your favorite programs in futuristic 4K today?

Watching 4K requires a 4K TV


  • 4k programming

  • Enhanced search functionality

  • Watch DVR recordings


  • Slimmer and lighter

  • Mounts on walls or flat surfaces

  • State-of-the-art image decoding


  • Native Bluetooth support

  • HDMI and USB ports

  • Software upgrades via satellite

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Joey from DISH Network?

The Joey is the DISH TV receiver that lets you connect secondary TVs to the same live, On Demand, and recorded content you have on your Hopper DVR receiver.

You can connect up to 3 Joeys to one Hopper. To give you more control over how you watch TV with the Joey, we offer four models: the original, the Super Joey, the Wireless Joey, and the 4K Joey.

What is the Super Joey?

The Super Joey has all the same functions as the original Joey, plus it can record and save shows to your DVR.

That means you don’t have to leave the room to set new recordings. And with a recording capacity of 8 shows at once (more than some primary DVR receivers!), the Super Joey makes recording conflicts a non-issue.

Is the Super Joey for me? 

The Super Joey is a great choice if you want more DVR control from your secondary TVs or have significant recording conflicts in your home.

What is the Wireless Joey?

The Wireless Joey has the same functions as the original Joey, plus you can use it in a room not wired for cable or Internet.

The built-in wireless technology of this Joey receives satellite and Internet signals without wall ports or cables, so you can plant a Joey anywhere you want–bedrooms, sunrooms, even patios or garages–and you won’t have to look at messy cables.

Is the Wireless Joey for me? 

The Wireless Joey is a great choice if your favorite places to watch TV at home aren’t wired for cable or if you prefer a cleaner look with fewer wires.

What is the 4K Joey?

The 4K Joey has the same functions as the original Joey, plus it displays content in 4K (Ultra HD) resolution when connected to a compatible TV.

If you want to start watching more 4K, your TV and receiver are good places to start. You can’t control whether your favorite shows are filmed in 4K, but you can get a 4K TV and receiver so you see Ultra HD when it’s available.

Is the 4K Joey for me? 

If you’re watching DISH on a 4K TV or plan to get one in the next 12 months, the 4K Joey is a great choice.

How do I connect my DISH Joey to the internet?

For new customers, Joey setup is included with free standard installation (in up to 6 rooms).

If you’re getting a new or replacement Joey, follow these instructions to connect to the Internet:

Joey, 4K Joey, or Super Joey

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable* from the Ethernet port on your wall or router to the matching port on the back of your Joey receiver.

  2. Connect the other required cables to your Joey:

    • Coaxial cable from wall port

    • HDMI cable from TV

    • RCA composite cable from TV

  3. Turn on your TV, wait for the Install Wizard to load, and then follow the onscreen instructions to set up your Joey. In step 3, “Activate Your Receiver,” you should see confirmation that your Internet connection is live. If it’s not, call 1-800-333-3474 or your Internet provider for technical support.

*You may need to supply your own Ethernet cable.

Wireless Joey

  1. Go to the room where your Hopper is. Connect an Ethernet cable from the port on the back of your Hopper to the port on the provided Racecar™ Wireless Access Point (WAP).

  2. Go back to the room where you’re setting up your Wireless Joey and connect the required cables:

    • HDMI cable from TV

    • RCA composite cable from TV

  3. Turn on your TV, wait for the Install Wizard to load, and then follow the onscreen instructions to set up your Joey. In step 2, “Connect to WAP,” you should see instructions for connecting to the Internet.

How do I link a Joey to my Hopper DVR?

Like connecting to the internet (above), linking to the Hopper is an included step in the Joey Install Wizard.

To start the installation process, connect all the required cables to your Joey and turn your TV on. When the Install Wizard loads, follow the onscreen instructions to set up your Joey.

The linking instructions will be in step 2 or 3 depending on your model.

How much is it to add a Joey to my DISH account?

  • Joey: $7 per receiver per month

  • Wireless Joey: $7 per receiver per month

  • 4K Joey: $7 per receiver per month

  • Super Joey: $10 per receiver per month


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