Get DISH Network 4K Content & Movies

You’re what we call a tech-savvy individual. You’ve kept up on all the latest trends and upgraded to a 4K Ultra High Definition TV. Now, with DISH® Network 4K programming, you can be sure everything you watch matches the quality of your equipment.

What is 4K Content?

DISH Network 4K has the technology which takes your entertainment experience to the next level. With DISH 4K TV programming, you can be sure that your Ultra High Definition TV matches up with all of your high tech equipment, for a crystal-clear picture and mind-blowing sound quality. Enjoy scenic programs like BBC’s Planet Earth 2 and STARZ’s Outlander in sharp detail. Your entertainment experience will never be the same.

Get a True 4K Experience With DISH


DISH offers more options for 4K UHD TV, including 4K recording power with the Hopper 3® DVR and 4K streaming with 4K Joey®. That means you can watch all your favorite movies on the highest resolution available on the market. In fact, 4K technology boasts 2160p—twice the pixel clarity of standard HDTV. With DISH 4K, your house will be the place your friends flock to for the next big game.

Dish Network 4K Equipment


DISH is the future of 4K television. With a fully 4K-compatible line of equipment, binge watching the latest TV sensation (Stranger Things, anyone?) never looked so good. All you need is a 4K HD TV and speedy Internet, and you can tack on as many DISH 4K equipment options as you like for a personalized home entertainment experience.

Hopper 3:

DISH brings you the world’s most powerful 4K DVR. With 2,000 hours of recording space and the ability to tape 16 shows at once, you’ll have plenty of room to house your favorites and play them all back in 4K UHD.

4K Joey:

Equipped with native Bluetooth support, DISH’s 4K Joey receiver gives you a whole-home 4K viewing experience. The Joey’s sleek design allows it to be tucked away—even behind wall-mounted 4K TVs. Sync up to six Joeys with your Hopper 3, so you can watch 4K movies and content from any room in your house.

Netflix® App:

Want to watch award-winning original series like House of Cards or Jessica Jones? Get DISH 4K streaming through a variety of third-party apps—including Netflix’s latest catalog of Ultra HD content.



Now that you’ve got the 4K equipment you need, where can you find the content you want? With DISH, you’ll get access to a growing library of On Demand titles, exclusive events, and fully integrated streaming apps, including Netflix, YouTube®, and Hulu®.