12 Million Choose DISH TV for Satellite TV Service

DISH satellite television tunes in to you.

With a range of channels and packages at a price just right for any family, it’s no surprise that 12 million customers choose DISH Network TV.

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DISH Satellite TV Packages for Any TV Habit

DISH offers four satellite TV packages at some of the best price points in television. Whether you watch the news every night, movies every weekend, or sports multiple times a week, there’s a satellite television plan with your kind of programming.

America’s Top 120

Gives you 190 top networks including ESPN, FX, and HGTV, plus local channels.

America’s Top 120+

Gives you the same top networks, plus sports channels like BTN and FOX.

America’s Top 200

Gives you 240+ channels including exclusive networks like Bravo and TCM.

America’s Top 250

Gives you 290+ channels with more films from Encore and the Movie Channel.

Channels Available on DISH Network TV

Hint: Almost any major network or basic cable TV channel.

With over 290 total channels and the highest HD channel count in cable television and satellite TV, DISH offers the same entertainment as cable to even more homes. Before deciding on the DISH plan you want, search the channel guide for the networks you watch most.

How to Decide on Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

Read our collection of comparison guides to see how DISH Network satellite TV stacks up against its main competitors. The guides feature high-level snapshots of satellite TV vs. cable TV and internet service technologies, plus up-close analyses of DISH vs. specific cable and satellite providers.

Cable TV vs. Satellite TV Overview

Satellite serves more families. Unlike cable TV, satellite TV providers offer the same television programming in the city and the country.

Satellite matches cable TV for reliability. Satellite has evolved. Today, satellite dishes and coaxial cables create similar signal quality.

Satellite offers competitive pricing. Satellite television plans frequently provide more channels for the package price than cable plans.

DISH vs. Xfinity vs. Charter Overview

DISH TV saves you money. DISH offers lower monthly rates, guarantees them 2 years, and waives more fees than cable companies.

DISH TV tech outperforms cable providers. The Hopper 3 satellite receiver and DVR packs at least twice the power of competing DVRs.

DISH TV streams more titles. Mobile streaming includes 80,000 On Demand titles, your full channel lineup, and all your recordings.

DISH’s most Powerful HD DVR

For watching live, recorded, and On Demand television, there’s no better choice than the Hopper 3. Compared to other leading DVRs, the Hopper 3 stores more footage, has more features, and costs less per month.

  • Records 16 shows at once and stores 500 hours of HD

  • Upgrade for just $5/mo. more than the included Smart HD DVR

  • Supports streaming on the DISH Anywhere mobile app**

Recording hours vary; 2000 hours based on SD programming. Equipment comparison based on data available from major TV providers; generated on 1/1/21. Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

**Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected, Sling enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

More for Your Money with DISH TV

DISH satellite service offers competitive monthly rates and high channel counts—but those aren’t the only ways to save with DISH. Below, get a sneak peek of the signature satellite TV deals that add even more value to your investment.

  • 2-year TV price guarantee saves you money for your entire term, not just the first year.

  • Smart HD DVR included and FREE Voice Remote give you more convenient ways to watch.

  • Multiple waived fees, including local channels, HD, and installation, keep rates as advertised.

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