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Save with DISH TV and Internet Bundles

Combine TV and internet packages for twice the deals.

  • Internet add-ons

  • Download speeds for surfing, streaming, and gaming

  • One call gets you both services

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DISH Internet and TV Bundles Save Time and Money

Get twice the new-customer deals with no additional effort when you order DISH Network cable and internet together. Instead of spending hours scrounging for the best internet deal, just ask your DISH rep to find it. They’ll search internet bundles in your area, lock in all available DISH offers and internet specials, and place the order.

Your high-speed internet service options from DISH include Frontier and Hughesnet, depending on availability. Call today to get home Wi-Fi and watch guilty pleasure TV within just a few days.

Internet Service Providers for DISH Bundles

DISH Offers in Your DISH TV and Internet Bundle

All DISH Network TV and internet bundles include savings from two service providers. Below you’ll find several offers from the DISH side of the deal when you invest in a DISH internet bundle.

HD Comes Standard

Most providers charge extra for HD channels. All DISH TV bundles include HD FREE for Life® and a Smart HD DVR.

Local Channels Included

DISH Network bundle packages include local channels—another way DISH helps free your bill from unnecessary fees.

FREE Installation in 6 Rooms

To keep your first payment low, DISH bundle packages include FREE standard professional installation in up to 6 rooms.

Additional Exclusive Deals

Military members, first responders, and customers age 55+ get exclusive savings with DISH bundles. Verification may be required.

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DISH Network Bundles Right Where You Live

If you live in a small town far from a big city, it can feel like cable TV and internet providers don’t care. It’s the 21st century, and geography seems like a silly reason not to have fast speeds and a sizable selection of internet and TV bundles.

As a satellite TV provider, DISH understands your struggle. That’s why we always offer satellite internet with DISH Network bundle packages. For TV and high-speed internet in virtually every corner of the US, get a DISH Network internet bundle today. First, check out DISH prices and channels below.