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Tired of finding something to do in Diamond Bar? Follow in Tiffany Hwang's footsteps and transform yourself—or your kid—into the next Kpop, Jpop, or Cpop sensation. Here's how.

First things first—train your voice. You can sing your heart out at Karaoke Music Box or Melody in nearby Rowland Heights, or get formal lessons at Rising Stars Performing Arts School in Walnut. You can also learn Kpop dance styling and routines, along with Chinese Folk Dance, hip hop, and street jazz, at iDance and Fitness right here in town.

Next, eat up! You'll need the energy for dancing and singing at the same time. Try from Diamond Bar's endless list of great Asian restaurants, including standouts like Born Korean BBQ, Mandarin Taste, Mansun, and Pho Ha Plus. Try the Baby Bok Choy with Black Mushrooms from Mandarin Taste—vegetables with high water content are supposed to be good for the voice, and the vitamins can help you keep your strength up.

Lastly, keep an eye on the competition by watching TV from where your o bāchan, nǎinai, halmeoni, or grew up. DISH offers international plans with channels in at least six East Asian languages—and grandma will probably enjoy the company.