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"Tons" isn't just a passing expression in Escalon, California. It's a literal measurement used daily to refer to agricultural yields. And there are a ton of tons coming out of Escalon each year.

Escalon aggies are good at what they do—they continually use new inventions and even drum up their own. For example, on the walnut front, DeRuosi Nut and Mintern Nut use Bühler's SORTEX BioVision™ machinery to better sift out pieces you don't want to find in your next handful of walnuts—like shells and small sticks. Another example comes from peach land. Frank Bavaro of California Cling Peaches has the orchards using a new blossom thinning machine he developed to prune trees and fine-tune growing conditions more easily—leading to larger fruit and a higher yield.

Advanced machinery might not completely prevent something like the walnut heist of 2013, but luckily, most heists happen in movies, where they belong. Cheer on totally fictional bad guys set safely away from Escalon's peaches and nut trees when you stream Oceans 11 or other heist movies with DISH. With DISH, you get 8,000 free On Demand titles included in every plan, so you don't have to sync your entertainment to a live TV schedule—you can find something fun to watch anytime.