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During Spanish and Mexican rule, "Alta California" was the term for the entire region spanning much of the modern-day American Southwest. The Spanish didn't settle the northeast parts of the territory very heavily, so indigenous Americans lived there mostly unbothered until American immigrants moved west. When the treaties were settled, the Southwest took the shape it has today.

"Alta California" is also the name of a cuisine: fusion Mexican food that's been proudly Americanized, because many of the pioneering chefs are just as American as Mexican.

If you're from the village of Alta, California, you know it's all too easy to be upstaged by these bigger themes in California history and culture. But Alta does gets its own attention in the winter.

At Little Bear Tree Farm in Alta, 9,000 new red and white fir trees are planted annually, no matter how many got the axe that season. WIth trees ranging from tabletop-size to 14 feet and higher, Little Bear trees are just right whether your tastes are baby-bear size, mama-bear size, or papa-bear size.

But regardless of who's watching, life in Alta continues: You take the kids to school, you go to work, and when it's time to relax, you watch TV. With DISH TV, you can have the same channels and signal reliability of a larger city right here in your quiet town.