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About DISH Cable TV in Idyllwild

If you love funky little towns nestled in the mountains among tall pines and huge boulders, then head immediately to Idyllwild, California. Look for wild strawberries along Strawberry Creek, pick up a piece of knotty pine furniture in a style popularized here between the 1930s and '50s, check out Jazz in the Pines, or stroll through local galleries for the Sunday Morning Art Café.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with spending some time indoors too, especially in the heat of the California sun. On those days, you can kick back and relax with DISH TV. The satellite service offers 99% signal reliability, which means that even in a small mountain town like Idyllwild, you can count on DISH to deliver hundreds of channels and thousands of programs On Demand.

Once things have cooled down again, head to the hills for some out-of-doors activity. Towering over the town, San Jacinto Peak is a popular spot to go hiking. Or drive around to Palm Springs (it's about an hour away) and take the 360-degree rotating tram to the top, where you'll find a restaurant and several well-maintained trails. There's plenty of climbing and bouldering in the area too, especially at the top of the tram, as well as around Tahquitz Peak, Lily Rock, and Suicide Rock closer to Idyllwild.

No matter what your interests, this idyllic, wild town has you covered.