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Tourists come from everywhere to visit Grover Beach's beautiful shoreline, the dunes down in Oceano, and the monarch butterflies. But did you know tourists also come for the trains?

And not just to ride them. Hundreds of visitors land at the Grover Beach transit stop and stay to train-watch for hours instead of chugging up to NorCal on the Amtrak.

This hobby is called railfanning, and it's way more involved than people-watching. Rail buffs often record video for hours, listen in on the radio chatter, and exchange observations online about the sounds, schedules, and engineering they see.

If railfanning isn't your thing, there's plenty else to geek out about on DISH TV, including cult comedy Rick and Morty and lifestyle channels about cooking, home improvement, and travel.

Next Wednesday, head to Mongo's around 9 for a few buck-fifty drinks, and then head home to nerd out on your own favorite things with DISH.