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Why Norco Customers Love DISH

For anyone who has ever been driving through the back roads of Riverside looking for another way to hit I-15 and accidentally ended up in Norco, the experience can be a little bit jarring. Essentially, the city line is like a time machine. That two-lane road that brought you into town starts to distort and change as you approach the city center, suddenly growing accommodations for the equestrian traffic—which, in this town, has the right-of-way.

By way of decree, Norco has established itself as being truly unique from almost anywhere in the US. The city ordinances are very specific that development and design is to have a strict emphasis on ideas that are "rural, informal, traditional, rustic, low-profile and equestrian oriented." However, the ol' western feel of this town is hardly a consequence of government and law. The laid-back country atmosphere comes from the residents themselves, who live the life from which the branches of those laws have sprouted.

In Norco there is parking for cars, but for locals it's much more appropriate to ride down to the Water Wheel Saloon on horseback and tie 'em up at the trough outside the swinging doors. In fact, given that almost every establishment has similar equestrian accommodations, horseback is among the most comfortable ways to travel around the town. This speaks to—and for—the people of Norco, who move here to get away from the busy city life that has infiltrated much of the Inland Empire.

When you're not heading out to square dance at the Saddle Sore, think about staying in with friends to have a nice home-cooked meal and then settling down around the TV for a film or two before calling it quits. DISH has a huge selection of on-demand movies, including a great selection of western classics that will take you back to the good ol' days. There isn't anything quite as relaxing as staying home with friends—you take care of the food and drinks, but let DISH TV help with the entertainment.


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