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Why Saint Michaels Customers Love DISH

Located in the desert areas of Apache County, Arizona, is a little town that is designated as part of the Navajo Nation. To those not familiar with the area it might not seem like much, but Saint Michaels is a gateway to many historical sites, both natural and man made by indigenous peoples. Saint Michaels Museum is located in an old Mission and provides artifacts and details that tell the history of the region. Not far from the area are several important Navajo institutions like the official Navajo Nation Reservation, the Navajo Nation Museum, the Navajo Nation Zoo & Botanical Park, and Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park.

While winters can be pretty mild, if you head out this way in the summer, it would be wise to take a break indoors between your outdoor adventures. When you can't be out absorbing the exciting history of these lands, let DISH TV help keep you entertained with on-demand entertainment via the convenient DISH Anywhere streaming app. If you need a break from your hotel room, stop in at the local Denny's or the Los Verdes Café, get onto the WiFi, and get access to your favorite on-demand movie and series content.


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