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Laveen, Arizona, might be a village within Phoenix, but you'll feel miles away when you pass its cute little water tower and realize here is "where rural is a way of life."

The city's location near the Salt and Gila Rivers, the South Mountain Park, and the Sierra Estrella mountain range make it one of the most beautiful places to live in the area. It's also surrounded by the Sonoran Desert and was originally somewhat isolated from the rest of Phoenix—there was only one bridge over the Salt River when it was first settled by dairy and cotton farmers back in the 1800s.

Today, you'll find a blend of historic businesses, such as Del Monte Market, built in 1908, and modern restaurants, like Smashburger and Applebee's. And don't forget about the annual Laveen Pit BBQ at Corona Ranch—that's one tradition that's definitely not going anywhere, especially since there's literally tons of meat and beer to please the masses.

But just because Laveen has managed to maintain a rural way of life doesn't mean you'll be left in the dark. You can still watch the newest releases on DISH—and since there's more connecting Laveen to the rest of Phoenix, you can even invite some friends over for a weekly movie night. Popcorn required, lighting optional.