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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for Lakeside

Need to really detach for a few days? How about the rest of your life? The tourist town of Pinetop-Lakeside gives you three ways to find solitude and recharge, and the second two are mind-blowing.

  1. It's remote, at least 2 and a half hours by car from any city with a population higher than 25,000.
  2. It's buried in evergreens—in Arizona—with as many pine needles as a New England outdoor nativity scene.
  3. It's near multiple lakes—in Arizona—plus a half-dozen reservoirs and other small bodies of water.

If detaching for a few days isn't enough, but you can't go that long without celebrity gossip from E! or mansion tours on HGTV, DISH has just the thing—a satellite TV subscription with the same options in Pinetop-Lakeside that you have wherever you are now.

DISH is an obvious frontrunner for TV service in Pinetop-Lakeside because it's satellite, and in a place this remote, wired options are fewer. But with DISH, that doesn't mean you're settling. Far from it. DISH satellites have about the same signal reliability (99.9% reliable) as most wired TV networks, comparable channel counts, and affordable prices that are guaranteed for two years.

If you're still not sold on Pinetop-Lakeside … how does a summer high of 85 degrees sound?

Yeah. This is truly a magical place.


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