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A lot of towns like to bill themselves as unique, but throughout the world, there truly are not a whole lot of places like Congress, Arizona. Once a prominent mining town, the city all but disappeared when the town's mine closed in 1939. Today, the city is showcasing slow and steady growth thanks to a retirement boom and, interestingly enough, many of the original ghost town aged structures still remain to this day, some of them occupied, but most of them not (at least not by the living).

A lot of the residents like to spend their time inside or at the few, but beloved local haunts like Nichols West, Arrowhead Bar & Grill, and Depot BBQ. DISH TV offers a wide array of channel packages and services in the area, so if you're visiting loved ones in Congress or just trying to entertain guests, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. If you do visit Congress anytime soon, don't forget to bring your ATV because the surrounding desert hills provide some of the best four-wheeling action around. Of course, if you do forget to bring your own, you can always drop by Adventures of a Lifetime ATV in nearby Wickenburg for good deals and a professional tour guide that knows the area.