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Today, Chinle is a gateway to natural attractions and manmade features that predate the United States. On the outside, it may seem like a smaller destination, or at least a central hub for all the attractions in the area, but this little town also has a big history. That's right—Chinle is the actual site where the 1864 peace treaty took place between Kit Carson and the Navajo People that brought an end to the ongoing war between the US and the Navajo people.

Local attractions like the Navajo owned Thunderbird Lodge bring tourists into the town looking to experience some semblance of the ancient culture that permeates the area. From Chinle proper, it's easy to get out to wonders like the Canyon de Chelly National Monument or Hope Arch. There are also several local guides waiting to take tourists out into the canyons and point out the ancient structures that are left from a time and history long since past.

While the beauty of the unique features in the surrounding area can't be overstated, for those living in the area, extreme desert weather conditions are a way of life. The summers are hot and dry, while winter lows generally reach below freezing with some amount of snowfall spread out over the season. This makes it nice to just relax at home with friends and family when things get a little too extreme outside, and DISH offers many entertainment solutions to make it easy to do just that in your home. With channel packs for children, family, and adults, you'll be able to find a deal that matches your household. Plus, DISH TV offers on demand programming, as well as streaming technology that you can take with you. So, if you aren't too far out in the desert andt have some free time in between tour rallies, you might be able to squeeze in the last few episodes of Westworld before you head back out!