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Why Arizona City Customers Love DISH

Arizona City couldn't be a more quintessential picture of Western small-town America. The community is nestled in the picturesque Santa Cruz Valley between the Sawtooth, Picacho, and Casa Grande mountain ranges. It's minutes from the I-10 and I-8 interchange, perfect for a snack stop on the drive between Phoenix and Tucson. The three grocery stores in town have quaint names—Sunlite Market, Tumbleweed Market, and Food Town IGA—and the other two main stores are Ace Hardware and Dollar General. Town residents have to pick up their mail at the post office because mail isn't delivered door to door. And like other small desert towns with a low profile and lower population density, Arizona City was even the site of some classified government operations during the Cold War.

But there are things that make Arizona City stand out too. While many small towns rely on nearby cities for dining out, Arizona City has several locally owned restaurants, including Flashbacks Diner, Nico's Mexican Food, and Duffer's. The town also has an eighteen-hole golf course, a forty-eight-acre lake popular with swimmers, fishers, and sailors, and some of the purest and sweetest tap water you'll ever taste. It may be this combination of the traditional and the unique that attracts so many snowbirds to Arizona City—5,000 every winter, in fact, which effectively doubles the town population.

If you decide you want to be an Arizona City snowbird—or if you've settled here for good—complete your small-town setup with a DISH TV plan. DISH makes it easy to get what you need when and where you need it so you can still watch your favorite shows and movies—whether you're here in Arizona City or back north, you won't miss a beat.