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About DISH Cable TV in Dolan Springs

Even if you don’t become rich, you can still expect to strike gold in Dolan Springs, Arizona.

Thousands of gold miners made a living here in the 1800s, one digger a hundred years later found a 70-ounce golden nugget that sold for around $300,000, and a couple folks today make a modest partial income from panning and prospecting—the ounces do add up.

But many prospectors don’t bank on a huge payout: for them, looking for gold is about the experience.

For some, it’s the thrill of holding ancient history in your hands. For others, it’s a contemplative, quiet way to disconnect and recharge. For still more, it’s a fun and relaxing way (thanks to sunblock and advanced metal detectors) to spend time with family members and friends.

If digging for gold sounds like a little too much work, let your horse do the heavy lifting and go for a ride on the Dolan Springs Trail System. You’ll spot everything from kestrels to coyotes to chuckawallas in the 480 acres of open space, along with joggers, hikers, and mountain bikers.

If you prefer working on your hobbies in an air-conditioned room instead, watch Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel or choose other lifestyle channels, like the Cooking Channel and HGTV, to give you inspiration for your next project or dig. With DISH TV, you can get the same channels and service you’d get from a big-city provider—no matter your address.