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Why Green Valley Customers Love DISH

You might be a retiree if you're back in "school" learning how to shake your groove thing at the Sahuarita Dance Center, synchronize-swim at the Anamax or Casa Paloma II Recreation Centers, or garden like a pro at Pima Community College.

Why not include DISH TV in your post-grad, post-career curriculum? With hundreds of channels including educational networks like the National Geographic, History, and Discovery Channels, DISH TV plans are a great way to keep learning.

But—obviously—TV is also a great way to relax. Everyone binge-watches TV these days, one episode after another, but you're the one who can afford the time to do it. If you love getting wrapped up in reality TV drama you can forget about minutes later, try watching TLC. If you want to catch the Dbacks live and get tons more coverage on more pro teams nationwide, try adding the MLB Extra Innings sports pack to your chosen plan. There's always something to watch with DISH, even on the laziest of lazy Saturdays.

Don't worry about the price, either. DISH plans are priced affordably and come with a two-year guarantee so you don't have to endure a second-year price hike on your retirement income.

So here's what you should do once you settle in to your new place: Get a deal on a new TV from Walmart or Fry's Electronics, connect that baby to your Smart HD DVR receiver (included with all DISH plans!), and start watching TV with great picture quality, channels you've always loved, and channels you'll love soon.

Green Valley is one of the best places in Arizona to retire, and DISH Network is one of the best TV providers to set up in your nest egg home or apartment. Call today.


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