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Picture this: Your spouse got delayed at the coop just before the interchange to 295. You have to be at work in exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes, but Junior's not old enough to stay at home yet, and your mother is stuck at Designline with a head full of foils.

DISH can come to the rescue. With DISH Anywhere, you can access your entire DVR library and even some live TV shows anywhere you want—including the salon waiting area, where your kid is now watching Doc McStuffins on the family iPad and minding their manners until MawMaw's finished with her appointment.

Obviously, DISH isn't just for emergencies. At home, it's a fantastic way to relax after a day on your feet, spend quality time with the little one, or passively get the Spotsy scoop from WTVR while you're checking on your bank account.

DISH even has satellite TV gear for truckers. The DISH Tailgater is a sleek, compact satellite TV antenna that easily mounts to your truck and gives you the same channels you enjoy at home anywhere you drive. Plus, it detaches as easily as it mounts, so if y'all go camping down at Powhatan or want to have a movie night under the stars, it's an easy switch to make.

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