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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for Burkeville

Burkeville has only 400 permanent residents, but it's a tourist destination for an American demographic about 7 million strong: the blind community.

The Burkeville Lodge for the Blind is a fixture here. Even if you don't have visual impairments yourself, you've probably participated in the lodge's annual yard sale, silent auction, and motorcycle run fundraisers and befriended neighbors and co-workers who are active in the low-vision community.

There's more than one thing in Burkeville that brings seeing and low-vision folks together: TV. According to Nielsen Media Research, Comcast, and the American Foundation for the Blind, people with visual impairments and seeing folks watch about the same amount of TV every day.

That said, TV isn't always easy to navigate when you have low vision. About half of the seeing-impaired community says it's difficult to fill in plot gaps when they miss a visual cue, and even more say it's hard just to find out what's playing on TV.

With DISH, navigating your TV guide is simple no matter what. In addition to legally required video descriptions and talking guides, DISH gives you voice control with the latest Hopper model. Just use your Voice Remote or paired smart-home speaker to tell your Hopper what you feel like watching, and you'll get results right away.