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The population of Boones Mill barely scrapes 150. If you're considering a move here, or if you're new in town, it'll feel "all yours" in time. Luckily there's a short list of places to meet your neighbors and get a feel for the town.

Food and drink has a small but assertive presence in this smallest of small towns. Holly Jo's Creekside Grill, set right along Maggodee Creek, delights residents and visitors with the ever-popular long corn dog and white lightning sauce. Boones Mill also has two major breweries and spirits producers—a longstanding legacy from Prohibition days, when Franklin County was the moonshine capital of the world and bootleggers like the Lawless Bondurant brothers ran liquor through these hills (catch the Bondurant story and other exciting dramas with DISH TV!). The pride and joy of Franklin County Distilleries is the White Label Corn Whiskey, while nearby brewery Hammer and Forge boasts small-batch ales, porters, and stouts with names like Night Witches and Dirty Myrtle.

Inkular Gallery is another gathering place and cultural highlight in Boones Mill, with sculptures, paintings, and prints by artists local and abroad. It's been around for a much shorter time than the mills, mines, and distilleries of southwestern Virginia, but it captures life here all the same. If you retire or move your family here, you may trade a vast cultural menu for a smaller one, but the quality will be the same.


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