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While the area is more formally known as Culpepper, by the whole of the larger population, Rixeyville is an establishment unto itself. Perhaps for the moment it is a smaller community of the whole, but it is popular amongst those looking for something a little different in the Culpepper area. Or at least, somewhere cozy to live outside of the noisy buzz of nearby metropolises like Washington DC and Baltimore.

Life in Rixeyville is simple and places an emphasis on valuing relationships over possessions. That's why DISH offers a number of on demand options in your neighborhood. Invite the friends over to visit with the family, enjoy a nice home-cooked meal, and relax with a couple drinks while catching your favorite movie. Or, start a weekly discussion group for your favorite series—maybe get reacquainted with Game of Thrones before the final season rolls out—and help strengthen the bonds of your community with something as simple as a good story.

Time spent outside of Rixeyville proper is usually facilitated by Culpepper establishments like Grill 309 and Flavor on Main, where locals can sample new developments in classic cuisine while sipping craft cocktails after a long day at work. Culpepper has a deep history that predates the country itself and was originally surveyed by George Washington himself, while under the tutelage of the 6th Lord of Fairfax.