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At Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, visitors click cameras left and right—and the Department of Conservation and Recreation is capitalizing on the attention.

The DCR sponsors annual photo contests in November and January, and it's also published a short tutorial on the fundamentals of digital and film photography. The tutorial is an interesting choice, since most park visitors are holding iPhones and Androids, not Canons. Either the DCR is really after pro photographers, or it's taking its duty seriously—to preserve Virginia's natural beauty and help locals and tourists enjoy it year round.

For tons of educational content in Chesterfield, DISH gives you not only lifestyle channels like HGTV and the Cooking Channel, but also good old-fashioned public access networks with shows from the likes of the late American sweetheart Bob Ross. Local access networks, included in the price of almost all DISH packages, can help you learn how to sketch, paint, or shoot Pocahontas Park without the extra fees weighing down your TV package.

The Disney-fied Pocahontas won't be there, but you can capture "all the colors of the wind" at her park with the right aperture and shutter speed—or, let's be honest, the right smartphone camera. And DISH and the DCR can show you how.


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