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Just a few minutes southwest of Houston proper lies Missouri City, Texas a former railtown named and marketed by real estate investor, W.R. McElroy. It was so named to draw people from the north and midwest and, you guessed it, Missouri, to settle there in the 1890s. Over a hundred years later, Missouri City can still be advertised as a land of "genial sunshine and eternal summer."

That perennial summer can best be enjoyed at the Quail Valley Golf Course. Acquired from a private country club in 2008, Missouri City transformed this once rundown two 18-hole golf course to its former glory—but for the whole community to enjoy, not just club members. Now everyone can take a swing on the green. Don't golf? No problem. Even if you don't like swinging metal clubs to hit small, dimpled balls into a round hole, you're more than welcome to simply walk the green.

But even the most beautiful, everlasting of summers can get too hot. If the heat is making you sluggish, sit down and relax with DISH TV. Cool down after a day in the sun with a sweet tea and episodes of Love & Hip Hop or Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Let DISH TV help you make the most of your summer.


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