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About DISH Cable TV in Bandera

New York and Chicago aren't the only cities in the United States with Polish, Roman Catholic heritage. So is your hometown in Texas hill country.

Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World, is a place where people come to dude-ranch resorts to be put to work while on vacation, a place country folk artists Rudy Robbins, Patsy Cline, and Willie Nelson visited often during their heydays, and a place where one of the oldest Catholic churches in the country still stands—a church built not by Spanish missionaries, but by Polish settlers.

Despite their giant histories, quirky small-town gems like Bandera don't always get the same attention that big cities get from telecom providers. But with DISH, it's different. You get the channels you want and 99.9% signal reliability. And unlike other satellite providers, DISH guarantees your price for two years so your monthly price stays the same.

Now you can indulge TV tastes as broad as your town's background, ranging from the surrealist and abrasive comedy Rick and Morty to the tongue-in-cheek telenovela Jane the Virgin to the aspirational reality show American Idol. And you won't have to adjust your utilities budget for your gift shop, restaurant, or Airbnb a year down the road to afford it.