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Austin might be the startup capital of Texas, but Eagle Pass has a success story as startling as a tarantula on mowing day—and much more pleasant.

Gus Sorola co-founded the media company Rooster Teeth in 2003, after he and five friends published an online animated series that gained a serious following. The series, Red vs. Blue, is still running, and 15 years later Rooster Teeth has subscribers and an estimated net worth in the tens of millions.

Who is Gus Sorola? A creative and business-savvy person who grew up in Eagle Pass, Texas.

While Gus no longer lives here, his entrepreneurial spirit does. Another enterprise firmly grounded here is E-no-ko-ski-eh-pi-i-ki, a mineral processing operation also known by the English name, New Beginnings. The program, created by the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas, gives local tribe members training and jobs in the construction industry and helps the tribe become more self-sustaining as a whole.

Looking for your own ways to advance your education or training? Southwest Texas Junior College is a good place to start. Or if you're looking for something more casual, make your TV do double duty as an entertainer and a teacher. Broaden your little one's horizons with shows such as Salvando animales on Telemundo or check out Shark Tank (ABC) for business lessons and TV drama all in one.


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