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Whether it's the family cat, a pasture of cattle, or a wild buck darting through the trees, animals play a big role in the lives of Texans, and that's just as true in the Fort Worth suburb of Alvarado as any other Texas town. Check out some of the famous, infamous, and lesser-known animals from Alvarado.

Running bull | Remember in 2016 when that bull escaped that pretty flimsy trailer situation? Poor guy was just going to the vet for a checkup, but he was so desperate to escape that he flipped headfirst out the side of the trailer, charged through neighborhoods and back and forth across I-35, and trampled a couple folks before being taken down by police.

Pony savior | In 2014 a pony named Bella and her 1-month-old daughter, Butterscotch, were trapped in a burning barn near Alvarado. Bella was so determined to save her foal that she lay on top of her and took the brunt of the flames, and it actually worked. Butterscotch escaped with just a few small burns, and they both got intensive care thanks to donations to the Humane Society of North Texas.

Petting zoo favs | The Country Critters petting zoo mascot, Peter Rabbit, has entire birthday parties thrown in his name—he and the lucky ponies that get the chance to be glammed up in pink, glitter, and ribbons when a My Little Pony party request comes around.

Barbecue bests | Not every cow that gives its life to Johnny Trigg is from Alvarado. But you can bet that some of them were before he competed in BBQ Pitmasters and made it big. While Pitmasters proper has come and gone from TLC, you can catch champion grillers like Johnny on newer barbecue shows such as BBQ Pit Wars on Destination America and Eat, Sleep, BBQ on The Food Network.


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