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About DISH Cable TV in White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs started off as the "Queen of the Watering Places," a reference to the hot springs located throughout the area. It was a popular destination for those looking to escape the heat and humidity of what was often referred to as "the sickly season." Today, the main resort is now known as the Greenbrier, and it has played an important role in both American and European golf history. Another interesting piece of Greenbrier trivia is that the site was also a bunker designed to house Congress in the event of a nuclear attack during the Cold War. The bunker is now a tourist attraction.

In recent decades, the town of White Sulphur Springs has been through some trials—with new freeway plans diverting traffic from the city and other economic troubles plaguing the area, things seemed bleak. However, despite these hardships, local residents banded together to figure out ways to revitalize their community and applied to the Main Street West Virginia organization. White Sulphur Springs was selected as one of the original 12 revitalization projects, and to this day, the people of White Sulphur Springs work hard to keep the ball rolling and the odds in their favor.

This deep commitment to community, friends, and family is a reflection of the people in this region in West Virginia, where a quiet night at home with friends and family is as desirable as a night on the town. DISH TV can help you host your own gathering of loved ones by providing entertainment—you just need to provide the food.

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