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DISH TV is the Perfect Match for New Creek

New Creek is a one-road kind of town. Nestled against the Allegheny Front with the actual New Creek running between town and the woods, there aren't any big cities nearby, but locals don't mind. Everything you need—including Castiglia's made-from-scratch pasta and eggplant parm--is within a short drive up the highway in Keyser. Authentic and homey, Castiglia's features counter service and limited seating, so plan your pasta night carefully. Or, take your dinner home and enjoy it there. Considering Castiglia's famed huge portions, you'll have enough left over for tomorrow's lunch.

While New Creek is edging toward progress—consider the New Creek Wind Farm, a 49-turbine wind power generator spread across the ridgeline above town—it remains true to its small-town roots. Hunting is as popular today as it's been since the 1800s, and depending on the season, locals wearing bright orange hats and Mossy Oak™ vests head into the woods in pursuit of bear, deer, grouse, squirrel, and wild turkey.

After carb-loading at Castiglia's or tracking turkey in the trees, New Creek loves to come home and relax in front of the TV with DISH. Whether you want to catch the Mountaineers play Pitt or watch a recorded episode if Meateater on the Sportsman Channel, DISH TV has you covered.