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Self-named the "Best Little Village in the State," Barboursville has a lot of town spirit—and evidence supporting the claim. The town's key bragging rights include both expected holiday events along with fun and creative one-offs like the Scavenger Hunt, the Campfire Sing-a-Long, the Antique Tractor and Engine Show, regular horse shows, and an outdoor concert series called Picnic with the Pops. Barboursville also boasts an absolutely massive community park—750 acres of space for splash pad fun, horse shows, staged events at the amphitheatre, fishing, disc golf, skating, and both organized and casual sports.

But even though Barboursville has pride, it also has humility and a collective desire to self-improve. This attitude is evident in the town's iconic social media hashtag, #betterbville. Individuals, groups, and public servants all use the hashtag not only to post events and opportunities around town but also to encourage growth and change, for example by encouraging neighbors to keep streets clean or giving residents a refresher on bus laws just as the kiddos return to school.

Barboursville isn't perfect, but it's great now and getting better all the time—nothing like the divisive world of another certain small town, Riverdale, where competing factions resort to extortion and literal street wars to determine who's boss. Whether your TV tastes align with the darkness of shows like Riverdale, The Walking Dead, or The 100, or you prefer the lighter, more heartwarming Steven Universe, DISH TV brings you loads of life lessons for a better you and a #betterbville.


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