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Orma Residents Love DISH Cable

Orma may look like just another unincorporated part of Calhoun County, but to residents of Orma, it is the place to be. Perhaps more commonly known to the wider population as part of the Grantsville community, Orma sits about half an hour south of Grantsville Main Street near the West Fork of Little Kanawha River. Most of the closest major cities are at least two hours out in any direction, so life in Orma is pretty much free from the stresses that come from trying to keep up with the Joneses in the big cities.

DISH TV understands the importance of living away from it all and the value that it places on the simpler things in life. Friends, family, and comradery become much more important without all the modern distractions that come to us disguised as conveniences.

The next time you're gathering with loved ones, whether it's for a meal or just to relax after a long day, let DISH TV help make your time together a little more meaningful. Catch your favorite series or switch on your favorite movies with DISH On Demand. Either way, DISH TV can help enhance the connection of your life at home, not distract you from what is really important in the moment.