UPDATE: Winner of the $1,300 for 13 Stephen King Movies Announced!

Candidates have made their submissions. The results are in. Over 500,000 Stephen King fanatics applied for USDish’s Stephen King Dream Job. But who made the cut? 

Only one. (Sort of).

We’re paying horror buff Anthony Tobia and his team of (un)lucky future physicians at Rutgers Medical School $1,300 to watch 13 Stephen King movies by Halloween. Why? 

For science—literally. 

Dream Job Turned Nightmare

Rutgers Medical school professor Anthony Tobias teaches future physicians about behavioral medicine and psychiatry through the analysis of horror films. In the spirit of Halloween, Tobias and his class will watch Stephen King movies as part of their annual 31 Knights of Halloween course. 

King classics like It, Cujo, and Children of the Corn will dictate 13 days of the curriculum (and keep them up at night).

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy 

Instead of stuffy textbooks and lab tests, med students in New Jersey will study mental illness through the analysis of horror films. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in his video submission

Tobias will donate 100% of the cash prize to medical research at Rutgers. 

If you want to follow the curriculum, stalk his journey (or just him) on Twitter: @ATobiaMd 

Thank you to all 500,000 applicants. We were impressed with each applicant’s enthusiasm, love of horror, and of course, respect for the King.

While digging through all of the applications to find our winner, we also came across some interesting facts based on the information that was submitted. If you’re curious about what we found, click here.

Spook on, horror junkies. 

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