The Ultimate Guide to Watching The Office

If you get dry humor, appreciate dead-pan stares into the camera, and can do without a laugh track, The Office is for you. If you’re a day-one fan, you’re already familiar with Michael’s antics, Jim’s pranks, and Dwight’s “life lessons.” 

Just in time for The Office’s 15th anniversary, announced its Dream Job, which will award one lucky fan $1,000 for watching 15 hours of the series. 

Whether you’re been watching since Season 1 since the start or are simply curious about the pseudo-documentary-style series, we broke down the best ways for you to stream The Office.

How to Stream The Office 

Binge from home or stream on the go thanks to the DISH Anywhere app. Perhaps you could even play it for your friends on your tiny TV at a dinner party. 

Before you begin, head downstairs for a pretzel or swing on over to Applebee’s for some grub to fuel your watch-a-thon (because let’s face it: who can watch only one episode?). 

Double-Down with DISH Gear 

Unlike Michael’s suggestion box, you can count on DISH to pay attention to your needs. And with multiple on-demand streaming options to choose from, you can hand-pick your favorite DISH package and watch The Office like it’s your day job.

With over 190 channels and 80,000 titles to peruse, you’ll be able to stream from even good ole’ Scranton, PA, thanks to DISH’s 99.9% reliability signal. Or, if you’re out on vacation, record your favorite reruns of The Office on one of DISH’s DVRs. 

If you wish to binge-watch from the comfort of your office, get DISH for business too—we don’t care how you spend your lunch break! Watch The Office on demand whenever you demand with DISH.

There are 4 DISH packages you, and if you’re new to DISH, you can even score some serious first-time customer deals.

DISH is Your Gateway to More Michael Scott 

Hopper with Sling

If you’re a Netflix-er, you’ll only have access to The Office through the end of 2020. After that, the series will be available only on NBC’s streaming services. Luckily, DISH’s Hopper with Sling pairs with Netflix, so you can squeeze in as many Kelly monologues as you can until the end of the year. 

Watch and record 3 episodes at once with the Hopper, so if you and your roomie disagree on whether Jan or Holly is better for Michael (though I think we all know the answer to that), avoid a fight and watch it separately in different rooms.

With over 500 hours of HD DVR storage, DISH’s Hopper with Sling lets you record up to 80 days of Andy singing, Kevin spilling chili, and Dwight and Angela sneaking off in secret. 

Hopper 3

DISH’s Hopper 3 gives you the freedom to record 16 shows at once—double the amount any other DVR can boast. If you can’t choose between a spooky, romantic, or action-filled episode, record all 3 (or watch Michael Scott’s Threat Level Midnight). 

The next time your favorite Office episode airs on live TV, don’t rush home to watch it—record it instead. You can also pair your Hopper 3 with your Alexa and (in true Michael fashion) never lift a finger again. 


Stash DISH’s smallest, fastest mobile receiver in your bedroom or family room without cluttering your space. Or, pull a Michael and stow it in your office to keep yourself busy while you’re “working.”

Plus, with the Wally remote, you can operate your television as far as 200 feet away without fear of walls or furniture interrupting your connection. Like the Hopper with Sling and Hopper 3, Wally comes with built-in apps like Netflix, so you can watch The Office until Netflix asks you, “Are you still there?”  

Even better, DISH’s Wally comes with parental control guides, so you can spare your little ones from Michael’s ‘that what she said’ jokes. 

The End of an Era  

Just because The Office reached its end doesn’t mean you can’t relive Pam and Jim’s awkward flirting circa Season 1 and 2. Relive your favorite Meredith moments, Toby one-liners, and all of Stanley’s eye-rolls. 

To become a true Office fan, we recommend starting from the season’s pilot. Or take things to the next level and watch the OG British version on Hulu to determine which version did it best. Watch all 9 seasons of the franchise next time you play hooky, or save multiple episodes for a rainy day. 

Either way, we don’t think you’ll be able to go too long without Dwight’s shenanigans, Jim’s pranks, or Michael’s conference room meetings.

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