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Category Archives: Entertainment

Each State’s Top Kids Halloween Movie

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to binge-watch scary movies with your family. Check out the top spooky kids movies in your state!

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The Top Halloween Episodes in America

This October, check out the top Halloween-themed TV show episodes across the United States! What show are residents in your state searching for?

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The Ultimate Guide to Watching Stephen King Movies on DISH

Whether you’re a fan of the gruesome and gory or the drama and heartbreak, Stephen King delivers—and so will DISH for all your entertainment needs.

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The Most-Searched Hulu Original Series, by State

Are you watching the hottest Hulu originals? From The Handmaid’s Tale to Animaniacs, USDISH.com discovered each state’s most-searched Hulu original series.

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1,000 Americans Say What They Really Think of Movie Nominations

Do you care most about Oscar gossip, critic reviews, or your own opinion? We asked 1,000 people if movie nominations and reviews affect their moviegoing habits.

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The Most Award-Nominated Films of All Time

USDish examines the best of the film industry to determine the most award-nominated movies of all time. Have you seen the top 10 on the list?

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