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Marvel vs. DC: Your State’s Favorite Comics

Avengers: Infinity War releases Thursday on the heels of Black Panther earlier this year and two other “super” movies from late 2017, Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League. The arrival of every new superhero movie respawns the heated battle between DC and Marvel fans. Everyone’s so excited to see their favorite superheroes and villains that they can’t help but […]

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Most Anticipated Summer TV Premieres 2018

Traditionally, big premieres and season finales hit the small screen in late spring as a last ditch effort to make the cut for Emmy nominations. However, companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have pushed the industry to have a steadier flow of new content, freeing us from boring summers chock full of reruns. Now, even […]

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Famous Instagram Dogs You Should Follow

It’s dog season! Well, it’s always dog season, but specifically, it’s time to take a look at the most famous Instagram dogs you should follow for more “aww” and possibly making you puppy-hungry. chowderthebeardog Chowder is a chow chow that, you guessed it, looks like a cuddly, adorable bear. He’s four years old from the […]

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Why Most TV Shows Premiere in Fall & End in May

Ever wondered why all your favorite network series and TV shows premiere in the fall and come to their season finales right before summer? (Netflix excluded, because who knows when or why their seasons premiere.) Turns out, it isn’t just happenstance that puts season premieres in September and season finales in May. There are three […]

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Upcoming On-Demand Shows & Movies in March

You’re down to the wire and you need a new show to watch–STAT! Or maybe you’re looking to stream the blockbuster you missed in theaters. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are the hottest On-Demand shows and movies coming your way in March from your favorite service providers. Amazon Prime Video Here’s […]

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Your State’s Favorite Hulu Series

Quick! Name the Hulu Series Your State Watches the Most As Hulu®, Netflix®, and Amazon® have all begun creating original content, internet providers have started offering higher download speeds and massive data packages to keep up. Streaming has certainly become the new normal way to watch TV. For this report, we analyzed what Hulu Original […]

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