2020’s Most Anticipated TV Events

Which TV event in 2020 are people most excited to watch?  

Do you get dolled up to watch the Golden Globes? Do you throw a red or blue party on election night? Is the Super Bowl an all-day feasting event in your household?  

The team at USDISH.com wanted to know which TV events Americans are looking forward to most, so we surveyed 1,000 people of all ages what they’re most excited to watch and what they’re planning on watching (but like, actually watch; not just scroll through your feeds and claim you did).  

2020 Most Anticipated TV Events

Want to know how we discovered the 2020 TV events Americans are most excited to watch? Read about how we surveyed over 1,000 people in our methodology. 

Stats and Findings

Most anticipated TV events vs. least anticipated TV events

  • 24.4% of respondents say that the Super Bowl is the TV event they’re looking forward to the most in 2020. We’re not surprised, though: football is America’s favorite sport to watch
  • In second place, with the silver medal, is the 2020 Summer Olympics, with 13.4% of respondents saying it’s the event they’re most stoked about. 
  • The TV event people are least excited to watch is Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament set in England. Another unpopular event was the US open, a.k.a. the US-hosted tennis tournament. While tennis is still a popular sport, the game peaked in the 70s, which could explain why it ranked lower in comparison to football and the Olympics.  

Most-watched TV events in 2020 vs. least-watched TV events in 2020

  • The 54+ age group is the only age group where more people are planning on watching Election Coverage over the Super Bowl. 60.17% of people 54 and up are planning on tuning into the elections, meanwhile 59.34% are in it for the Super Bowl. 
  • The event that the least amount of people are planning on watching is the Tony Awards. At only 9.1% of the population, the Tony’s isn’t a top-tier awards show

Men vs. women

  • On the whole, males and females alike agree that the two events they’re most amped for are the Super Bowl and the Summer Olympics. But males lean more strongly towards the Super Bowl: 29.09% of males say they’re the most excited about the Super Bowl, compared to only 20.71% of females. Meanwhile, only 10.68% of males say the Summer Olympics is their top pick, yet 15.54% of females chose the Summer Olympics as their top pick. 
  • While 58.56% of females aged 54+ are planning on watching election coverage (more than any other event), the event they’re the most jazzed about is the Summer Olympics with 18.92% saying that’s what they’re most looking forward to.
  • 65.29% of females aged 35-44 are planning on watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is more than any other TV event for that age group—and we don’t blame them. Manhattan’s Macy’s Day Parade has been a holiday staple for the Big Apple (and everyone else, too) since the 1920s



We surveyed 1,000 Americans and asked them two questions about upcoming TV events in 2020: 

  1. Which events are you planning on watching on TV in 2020?
  2. Which event are you looking forward to watching on TV in 2020 the most?

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