Update: Winner of The Office Dream Job Announced!

Over 118,500 fans of The Office applied for USDish’s The Office Dream Job. But which fan is the truest of them all? Which fan can recite Michael’s monologues off-the-cuff? Which fan can fire one-liners in their sleep?

Brandi King—that’s who.

Of all the most die-hard Office fans in the world, King proved to be the most devoted. In her words, she “lives, breathes, and sleeps The Office.”

A Day-One Fan, Really

Brandi’s been stockpiling The Office on DVD since before Netflix became a thing. Even then, she feels she needs a second set (you know, in case something happens to the first). 

She also collects Office swag, including Shrute bucks, Dundies, and a “World’s Best Boss” mug. For one birthday, she visited the filming site in Los Angeles, CA. 

Even more heartwarming? Beyond the laughs, The Office has gotten her through some hard times too—at least, that’s what she said. 

Watch Along With Her

Brandi is readier than ever to rewatch her favorite series—and she’s prepared to tally each sitcom trope along the way. 

If you want to follow along with her in her Office marathon, check out her Instagram,  @lovebrandimarie.

Once again, we can’t thank each and every applicant enough. We loved sifting through each submission, and more importantly, we were thrilled to see so many Office fans out there!

For a full breakdown on the challenge, visit USDish’s The Office Dream Job

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