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Typically, when people outside of Washington hear about Washington, there is only one city that comes to mind: Seattle. However, to true Washingtonians, there are a number of lesser known places scattered across the state that represent, in some form or another, a completely different dimension of Washington beauty. Port Angeles is one of those cities. There is no coastal city in the world quite like it. Never mind that extra landmass that creates the majestic Puget Sound off to the west of the city, Port Angeles also sits right underneath the Olympic Mountain Ranges. So not only is Port Angeles a coastal city, it is also minutes away from a major mountain range—and it is essentially sitting in the cradle of one of the world's few coastal rainforests.

This tiny town is a big deal, visually speaking, but life on this coast is easy. For strangers, the rainfall might seem excessive, but to Washingtonians, that's just part of the territory. For Port Angeles locals, time out on the town at local haunts like Next Door Gastropub, Bar N9ne, and Station 51 Taphouse is just as important as spending time at home with friends. DISH offers lots of movie and TV channel packs as well as a huge selection of on demand titles to help you with entertainment. So the next time you decide to stay in, don't hesitate to see what DISH can do to help you. Or if you're trying to recover from a wild night out at Bada NW or Blackbird Coffeehouse, take Dish Anywhere along with you so you can stay up-to-date on all your favorite series.