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Did you know there's been an annual geocaching competition in Battle Ground since 2012? The Geocoin Kickoff Challenge is pretty official—it's put on by the Chamber of Commerce and has an annual theme with brand-new coins and medallions made for the occasion. In 2018, the Geocoin Kickoff took participants from Lewisville Park to Central Park to Sk8Park Atlas.

Geocaching isn't the only lesser-known hobby or skill practiced in Battle Ground. Folks there also practice hip-hop at Body Rhythms Dance, participate in flash mobs with fellow dancers from Vamonos Studio, compete in StarCraft tournaments, deliver singing telegrams that embarrass (and probably secretly please) the receivers, and pour heart and soul into building Battle Ground's float for the Portland Grand Floral Parade every year.

Tickle your fancy for other hidden human interests, in Battle Ground and beyond, with a DISH subscription. With DISH, you can watch popular fictional figures on fantasy or apocalyptic shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, or you can learn about real people and find out what makes them tick on shows such as 60 Minutes or stations such as KGW, PBS, and Telemundo.