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Why Port Orchard Customers Love DISH

Like Seattle for its view and water, but you could do without all the traffic and people? Then Port Orchard, Washington is your place. An hour ferry ride across the Sound, west of Seattle, Port Orchard, Washington is a small, but bustling waterfront town with arguably the best view of the Olympic Mountains in the area. The Puget Sound Navy Museum and other important naval installations, testify to Port Orchard's proud military past while the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard just across the bay in Bremerton, represents Port Orchard's continued military tradition.

With several marinas and such a robust waterfront community, if you don't have a boat when you moved to Port Orchard, you might just want to invest in one—just to better enjoy the view. But even if you don't have a boat yet,you can still enjoy the view with a $2 ferry ride to Bremerton, on the legendary Mosquito Fleet ferries.

But after a day in the sun and salt, if you like to curl up and watch Modern Family, you need DISH TV in your life. Unwind from the chaos of the day with The Daily Show on Comedy Central or finally find out what happens when Winter comes to Westeros on Game of Thrones on HBO. Enjoy the best TV has to offer with DISH TV today.