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Tucked away in Henry County is an unassuming town known as Paris, Tennessee. Right now the population sits around a modest 10,000, but the way things are going, Paris isn't going to remain that size for very long. Besides the irresistible charm of its small Southern town hospitality, which manifests in unofficial titles like "Home of the World's Largest Fish Fry," Paris is actually situated very well for tourism and other types of economic growth. On top of that, Paris has been blessed with forward-thinking leadership that seeks to preserve the city's history and traditions, while also encouraging growth and direction for the future.

The natural wonders in the area are a huge attraction for tourists, in particular the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, which is composed of over 170,000 acres of forest, grassland, lakes, and other unique Tennessee habitats. However, Paris's old downtown area has also developed into an attraction of its own, featuring local haunts like RJ's Lounge, as well as unique regional eateries like Uncle Billy's, Sweet Jordan's, and Perry's BBQ. Both locals and tourists can always find something new in the ever-changing downtown scene of Paris. And of course, who can forget the scale monument to the city's namesake down in Eiffel Tower Park?

While Paris is certainly coming up in Tennessee, at the end of the day, the locals are here because—despite the growth and prosperity—the small-town spirit remains, where friends and family are what's most important. That's why DISH TV offers so many movie and TV packages in your area, giving you extra options for the next time your neighbors come over for dinner or you're relaxing on the couch after a hard day at work.