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From a simple glance at a map, Arlington, Tennessee, may seem like just another Memphis suburb. It's quietly settled about thirty miles from downtown and conveniently surrounded by three major highways. But Arlington was settled by Europeans only a decade or so after Memphis's founding in 1819, and though it's obviously modern now, Arlington has kept its small-town size and charm through the centuries.

The longest-surviving charm comes in the form of five historical buildings, including the Historic Post Office, built in 1900 in what's now Depot Square, and the Holy Innocents Cemetery covered shelter, which is accented with the red-paned, angular windows from the original 1800s church. The shelter is a gorgeous setting for small gatherings or even just silent, solitary contemplation. These historical buildings are looked after by the Arlington chapter of the ASPTA (Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities), which also hosts six annual community and fundraising events, usually around patriotic holidays. Another key historical building, although much more recent, is the magnificent India Cultural Center and Temple, which opened just south of Arlington in the late 1990s and still serves Hindu families in the area.

If you come to Arlington for the history, DISH TV can help you keep learning with period dramas such as Poldark on PBS or the even more ancient Vikings on the History Channel. When you're done with an episode, you can swing back out to the modern world and enjoy shopping and dining at businesses with decidedly current names such as Gardens Oy Vey, Off the Hoof Burgers, and OOZE Snowcones, or get the whole family's heart rate up at the Arlington Sports Complex, Forrest Park, or Playground of Dreams at Hughes-College Hill Park.


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