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On the other side of the Cumberland gap, one of the first gateways to the West, lies New Tazewell, Tennessee—a small town where everyone knows your name. It was once a railtown where swanky tobacco buyers and sellers from Burley tobacco would hob knob at the historic Cherokee Hotel. Now since the decline of tobacco's popularity, New Tazewell has successfully positioned itself as a manufacturing outpost for companies like England Furniture Incorporated, DeRoyal Industries, and Bushline Furniture among others.

New Tazewell is situated in northeast Tennessee, smack dab in between Nashville to the west and Charlotte to the east. Like most of God's Country, New Tazewell is lush with trees and small creeks that are perfect for lazy afternoons fishing or cooling your feet after a long day at the shop. If you're feeling really adventurous, you may even spend the day boating and fishing at Norris Lake. But if your idea of unwinding includes vicariously surviving the Zombie apocalypse with Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead or laughing at the misadventures of the Robertson family on Duck Dynasty, you need to get DISH TV. Sit back and relax and enjoy the best TV has to offer with DISH TV.


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