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Just because Springboro, Ohio, is smack dab in the middle of the Heartland doesn't mean you spend all your time judging chili cook-offs (with cinnamon and on top of spaghetti, please) or tailgating at home football games. Okay, you spend some of their time doing those things. And you probably also watch football games from the comfort of your living room with DISH so you never have to miss kickoff, halftime, or anything in between.

Everybody likes to get out of the house, though, and each fall, locals flock to Oktoberfest for a taste of authentic German food and drink. If you have a craving for Scottish food instead, The Highland Stag is an authentic restaurant featuring family recipes for traditional fare, like Scotch eggs and fish and chips. And if you want to combine dinner and entertainment, La Comedia is one of the nation's largest professional dinner theaters and has been presenting Broadway-style productions since 1975.

It's that kind of big-city culture that led CNN Money to name Springboro one of America's "Best Places to Live" in 2009 and 2011—the community's low crime rates can likely be credited to the community's strong Quaker values.

In fact, Quakerism's beliefs in equality led to Springboro playing a prominent role with the Underground Railroad after the Civil War. The city provided more safe houses than anywhere else in the state during the peak of the slavery era. Don't you feel proud to call this place home?


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