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Get yourself a waterfront condo or home in Cornelius, North Carolina, and you'll be living at the playground of NASCAR stars past and present.

Spend enough time around Lake Norman, and you're bound to run across a NASCAR face like Randy Humphrey or Kevin Conway's. Maybe they won't be buying avocados at Publix or sunbathing at crowded Ramsey Creek Park, but maybe they will be slicing into the swordfish dinner at 131 Main.

Cornelius is such a NASCAR hotspot that even a fictional racer lived there: Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights.

If you like to party as much as Ricky's pal Cal, get DISH. DISH gives you access to the Hopper 3, which lets you start watching a show in one room and finish in the next, play different shows in every room of the house, or pair with your Amazon Echo so you can tell Alexa to blast music while the TV's on—because apparently, that's how you party NASCAR style.