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People don't really stumble upon Havre, Montana, on accident. If you find yourself in this northern Montana town, it's because you made the effort to get up here. And if you fancy yourself a Western history buff, this is the place to be. Get a glimpse into the area's Indigenous history at the Wahkpa Chu'gn Archaeological Site, where you'll find restored buildings and a buffalo jump—and you even get to throw a dart with an atlatl at the end of your guided tour.

Don't forget, though: sometimes what's going on under a town is just as interesting as what's going on above ground. Take the Beneath the Streets tour and see a different side of Havre's history. Walk through the saloon, opium den, laundry, and even brothel that once flourished under the town's roads.

Whether you come for the history or to experience life in the Crown Jewel of the Hi-Line (a reference to the BNSF Railway that runs along this area just south of the Canada-United States border), you won't have to worry about rigging up some antenna to watch your favorite TV shows. Satellite TV is available in Havre, and with 99% signal reliability, DISH is your best choice for watching everything from sports to your favorite Western flick.